It is a type of roller that is designed to be used in various processes requiring temperature control.
Computational Fluid Dynamics is utilized during their design and the
movements of the flowing flows in the roller are guided to keep the surface temperature uniform.


How is the temperature control provided in heat transfer rollers?

Temperature control is provided by circulating the heated or cooled liquid in sections under the outer shell of the cylinder. The design and layout of the roll spirals is critical to optimize performance.

Industries That Use Heat Transfer Rools

• Plastic
• Paper
• Textiles
• Extrusion
• Recycle
• Special applications


Benefits Of Heat Transfer Rolls?

• Designed for a wide variety of cooling or heating applicactions.

• Unique design controls temperature difference and heat transfer along the rolls.

• Mechanical and thermal performance is guaranteed using computational fluid Dynamics.

• Surface quality , tolerances and coating are made according to your processing requirements.