Temperature has a significant effect on materials therefore it significantly affects the performance of the products.
Temperature distribution and energy flow can be determined with heat transfer modeling by conduction,
convection and radiation. ASGENA Aviation and Defense has the following experience;

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Heat Transfer Rollers

The design of heat transfer rollers used in many applications in the industry is realized with the help of Computational Fluid Dynamics. In order to keep the thermal stresses to a minimum, the temperature distribution must be uniform.

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Time dependent and steady state analysis

With time-based thermal analyzes, temperature and fluxes vary over time in your process. With steady state analysis, you can control the temperature distribution that occurs within your system after it becomes stable.

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Heat Transfer By Radiation

Unlike conduction and transport, heat transfer by radiation calculations with electromagnetic waves we able to determine the temperature and pressure distributions on the outer and inner surfaces.

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Thermal Stress Calculations

Non-uniform temperature distribution on the material can cause thermal stresses and thus deformations. In order to solve this problem, thermal stress calculations must be performed correctly.