Asgena Human Resources Policy; • Recruitment of human resources that adapts to our culture and adheres to our values
• To provide opportunities for our personnel to increase their knowledge and experience and to reward successful personnel to the extent possible
• Providing opportunities for the establishment of a business environment and social relations that increase the willingness and power of our personnel
• Encourage our employees to think creatively and to produce new ideas that will contribute to the development of Company activities.
• To respect and respect the personality of our personnel; to protect the protection of their material and moral rights
• Providing safe and secure working opportunities according to the nature of the task
It is based on the basic principles.


• Our company employs a 40-hour semi-flextime working system.
• A meal card is provided for lunch, and support is provided for transportation to and from work.
• Postgraduate studies are supported with compensatory rewards.
• A variety of supports are available for such events as marriage, birth, long working hours, etc.
• The annual leave policy is based on the current labor law.